Main Titles Designer. Broadcast Editor. Director. Photographer.

One in a series of 26 educational vignettes for kids focusing on highlights from the history of Franco-Ontarian culture. Airing on TFO Canada.

Producer: Carte Blanche Films Inc.
Director: Jay Bond
Concept & Creative Direction: Garry Tutte & Jay Bond
Graphics & Animation: Morro Creative
Illustrations: Marie-Ève Tremblay
Editor: Jay Bond
DOP: Robin Smith
Opening Theme: Serge Côté

All episodes can be found here:



In summer 2015 I was asked to direct a national TV spot for Partnership for a Drug Free Canada's "Secure Your Meds" campaign.

Platinum Award Winner 2016 AVA Digital Awards.

National PSA Spot

Producer: Banfield Agency

Director / Editor: Jay Bond

DOP / Camera Operator: Michael Tien

Music: Serge Côté

Trailer cut for Hard Rock Medical, a drama series Jay has been lead editor on for the first season. 

Promo piece cut for two drama series Jay was recently lead editor on for Carte Blanche Films Inc.  Les Bleus De Ramville and Météo+


In 2012, Jay was commissioned to create a series of behind the scenes webisodes for the drama series Les Bleus De Ramville.